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Welcome to Citizenship Invest Ltd. We have been providing offshore services in Dominica since 1999. There are many benefits to investing in the Commonwealth of Dominica
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Economic Citizenship
What sets us apart from other Offshore Service providers in Dominica? We are Specialists in investing in Dominica with more than a decade of experience.
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Why Invest in Dominica?

   Dominica is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean and is ideal for retirement. Dominica is located halfway down the chain of Caribbean Islands, with Guadeloupe to the north and Martinique to the south.
   There are many benefits to investing in the Commonwealth of Dominica :  No Capital Gains & No Death Duties & No Estate Taxes

How does Dominica differ from other Caribbean Islands?

       Well unlike islands such as Antigua and Barbados, Dominica is very mountainous and has retained its primordial rainforest in the interior. It has an abundance of rivers and waterfalls. 
       Although tourism is growing in Dominica, agriculture remains an important industry and produce is exported to its Caribbean neighbours hence Dominica is known as “The Bread Basket of the Caribbean.”
      The price of property, as one might expect varies tremendously across the region with Barbados being one of the more expensive countries to purchase property. Dominica is attractive as an investment because property prices are still very reasonable. The west coast of Dominica tends to be more expensive than the less developed East coast.

Benefits of Retiring in Dominica

  • Peace, tranquility & natural beauty of Dominica.
  • No Capital Gains taxes.
  • Simpler, less stressful lifestyle.
  • Healthier Lifestyle – abundance of natural spring water; plentiful fruits.
  • Friendly people, English as official language (no need to learn a new language for US & UK citizens).
  • Great telecommunications system for keeping in touch with friends & family abroad. Fully digital phone system, DSL internet connection available in most locations, provided by reputable world leader in telecoms, Cable & Wireless.

Real Estate in Dominica

Morne Blanc, Westcoast

       A rare opportunity to purchase a portion of vacant beachfront property bounding with the Caribbean Sea and the main West coast road.
Price : US$7.40 / EC$20.00 per sq. ft.    
Land Size : 15,412 sq.ft. Beachfront/Riverside

Picard, Northwest

      A prime piece of real estate situated on a hilltop offering panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and Cabrits. 
Price : US$15.00 / EC$40.00 per sq. ft.    
Land Size : 18,239 sq.ft. 

Taberi Estate, La Plaine, East

Off grid location, elevated portion of land with amazing sea views on the tranquil east of the island.
Price: US$14,880.00    EC$40,000.00
Land Size: 5.02 acres    Eco Property

Wotten Waven, RoseauValley, Dominica

       This wellness center is situated near to the small mountain village of Wotten Waven, set in over 17 acres of partly forested land at a cool altitude of around 1,500 feet, bordering the sparkling River Blanc.
Price: US$773,529.00  EC$2,079,400.00
Beds: 7 Baths: 11 Land Size: 17.433 acres

Bussiness in Dominica

Calibishie, Northeast Luxury Villa close to sandy beach

          A magnificent luxury villa minutes from a sandy beach. No expense has been spared on this beautiful villa which was designed so it could also be used as an intimate boutique hotel. No expense has been spared on the finishing and fixtures. There are views of the neighbouring islands of Marie Galante and Guadeloupe as well as islets off the mainland. The property is a fusion of Caribbean and European styles in a beautiful L shape design. The entrance which has a stone floor is open on both sides with beautiful sea views. 
Price: US$1,750,000.00    EC$4,704,350.00
Beds: 4   Baths: 4   Land Size: 21,562 sq.ft.

Calibishie, Northeast, Dominica

Beautiful family owned hotel on popular northeast coast nestled within 1 acre of landscaped grounds. Just minutes away from a popular sandy beach. The property benefits from gorgeous ocean views and bounds with a river which is accessed by a stone walkway put in by the owners.
Price: US$329,961.00    EC$887,000.00
Beds: 6  Baths: 6.5   Land Size: 1 acre

Roseau, Dominica Thriving Restaurant in Prime Location

        A very popular restaurant for sale on the waterfront offering a wide variety of tasty cuisine. 
Price: US$140,000.00    EC$376,348.00
Land Size: 1,629 sq.ft.

Required Investment in Approved Project

        To qualify for Citizenship of Dominica under the Real Estate Option an Applicant must purchase authorized real estate in a Project Approved by the Government of Dominica. One such project has already been approved which requires an Investment of US$220,000.

Minimum Required Investment Gov’t Application Fees Due Diligence Processing Fee for Application Certificate of Naturalization
Main Applicant
Children 0-16 yrs
Dependent Child 18-25 or other dependant

  1. For a family of 4, with two children under 16, your investment inclusive of Government fees will be US$ 356,000 PLUS fees for Share Registration of US$8,800 in relation to the project currently approved and Agent’s fees;
  2. For a child 16- 18 years Due Diligence fees of US$4,000 have to be paid.
  3. Additional fee of US $1,200 payable to expedite passport.

How to Apply for Citizenship/Second Passport

Documents you will need to provide:

  • Safe Haven Offshore Ltd is an Agent authorized by the Government of Dominica to process Citizenship Applications. We have a sub-agent in the Dubai. For more information please contact us;
  • We will help you prepare the documentation, review your file and liaise with the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) to ensure that they have everything they need;
  • There is no longer a mandatory interview but your file will be reviewed by a committee after taking into account the Due Diligence report. If they deem it necessary they will request an enhanced due diligence report;
  • If your application is successful, the CBIU will issue a letter instructing you to make the investment payment (for the Cash Option);
  • Upon receiving proof of the payment, the CBIU will issue the Certificate of Naturalisation which will then be used to apply for a Dominican passport.

Economic Citizenship in Dominica is Safe and Easy

Money Back Guarantee

  • We have a money back guarantee.
  • We are a Government Authorised Agent 
  • We provide a personal and confidential service, and any problems will be identified early in the process.
  • You will get all the support and assurance you need.
  • We recognise this can be a sensitive issue depending on the part of the world you live. We would never reveal your business to your country of origin.
  • Beware of any Agent guaranteeing 100% success. At the end of the day the decision which lies with the interviewing panel is discretionary.

“Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers”

You Deserve Only the Best

Deal with the professionals, our reputation speaks for itself
Please use the following information to contact Safe Haven Offshore Services here in Dominica


Economic Citizenship or Second Passport

In the case of high networth individuals from countries where worldwide income is taxed second citizenship could play a significant role in tax planning.

Any-one who purchases a second citizenship from the Commonwealth of Dominica has the same rights and responsibilities as some-one who obtains citizenship by birth

There are no restrictions on buying any amount of land in Dominica if you purchase citizenship.

It takes between 8- 12 weeks obtain Citizenship provided there are no delays caused by the due diligence.

Interviews are no longer required . Occasionally the Review Committee will require enhanced Due Diligence Diligence and may require an interview by skype.

It is possible to visit some 100 countries without the need for a passport.

No you are not required to reside within the country although with its wonderful clean rivers and waterfalls and lush rain forest you may well prefer to reside there. 

At the present time whilst it is preferred that both the applicant and spouse are interviewed this is not essential.

No – the child will not automatically receive citizenship.
The parents will have to apply for the child and the cost at the present time is US$5,000 in addition to all the other fees.

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